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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples often focus on big-ticket items like the venue, food, and photography. However, one often overlooked expense is the cost of hiring a wedding DJ and the equipment needed to make their performance a success. A basic wedding DJ setup can cost several thousand dollars, including speakers, microphones, and mixers. And that's just the starting point. Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests, additional equipment may be necessary to ensure that everyone can hear the music and announcements.

But what if the wedding changes locations from the ceremony to the reception? This requires extra equipment to make the transition, which can add to the overall cost. For example, if the ceremony is held outdoors and the reception is indoors, the DJ may need to bring additional speakers and wiring to ensure that the sound quality is consistent throughout the event. While the cost of hiring a wedding DJ and their equipment may seem steep, it's important to remember that music sets the tone for the entire celebration. A skilled DJ can create a memorable experience for the happy couple and their guests, making it well worth the investment.

We appreciate gratuities, and it is up to you to decide what you feel is appropriate.

Yes! We do offer payment plans that are the same as cash (contact us for further details.) However, the decision to make payments is yours, as everyone's situation varies. We allow you to make payments of any amount at any time. Each payment will result in a receipt and your account being updated within 24 hours. Your balance is not due until the week of your wedding, so you have the option to wait until then.

To reserve your date, a $250 deposit is required as well as an e-signed contract. The deposit is applied to the total amount. It seems that this is a common practice for many, and we can't believe it is so widespread.

Thank you again for your question. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us over our competitors:

  • All of our DJs are certified MCs (Masters of Ceremonies), and they will work with you and the vendors to ensure everything goes smoothly at your reception or event.
  • We are always professional, upbeat, and fun. You get to pick the songs you want, giving you access to full planning.
  • We use state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment as we all our special effects.
  • We dress in suits and always look professional and on time, we're the first ones to arrive and last to leave.
  • We offer a backup DJ 24/7 in the event of an unforeseen situation. We got you covered no questions asked!
  • Experience is everything, our DJs are trained specifically to match your level of energy and assist with all your needs.
  • Choose the songs you want! To create the entire song list, you can choose from our online database, which is also the largest in the industry, or leave it to our professionals. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of music types - hip-hop, rock, jazz, country, etc. We also provide special requests to ensure your event is a success guaranteeing you an unforgettable experience.

From Santa Barbara to Chula Vista and from Newport Beach to Las Vegas. There's absolutely "zero" travel fees added to your event!

Yes, it is possible! We offer a wide range of options, and we can customize your event to fit both your budget and your requirements. We will guide you through the process and assist you in creating the perfect event for you.

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